Drevlan's Ridge

Recently, the remains of a manor house that appears to have been a place of study were unearthed in England. The house was known as Drevlan's Ridge, and it appears to have some connection with the near-mythical Order of Hermes, about which almost nothing is known.
However, this find is valuable in one major respect: one of the residents of Drevlan's Ridge, by the name of Robyn Illia, kept a chronical of events related to Drevlan's Ridge. As we translate this chronical, we will put the current translations on this site. We hope to learn more about the Order of Hermes through this study, and we also hope to put up any information others care to contribute about the Order, or speculations from the chronical.
Translated so far:
 7/14/96 - Chapter 1, Fragment 1
 7/21/96 - Chapter 1, Fragment 2

Jeremy Blackman (loki@dragoncat.net)